New Things In Digital Marketing For June 2021

With the year 2021 halfway done, June’s social media trends are inclined towards offering audiences new ways to connect, engage and interact with each other through social media platforms. Many popular online influencers use these platforms as lucrative branding and marketing opportunities to maximize their reach. Most content creators and their fans leverage social media […]

New Things In Digital Marketing For May 2021

Nowadays, it’s more than essential to keep up with the new and evolving changes on the various social media platforms to stay ahead on social media. Are you aware that Facebook now lets you upload GIFs? Or Facebook revamped its own News Feed to encourage high-quality links to be shared? If the social media news […]

New Things In Digital Marketing For January 2021

As we stepped into the first month of 2021, so did all the social media platforms. With the need for evolution on everyone’s checklist, social media is evolving even more rapidly than ever. All major platforms have considered themselves to stand out as more user-friendly, impactful and relatable to their target audience. That’s why our […]

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