New Things in Digital Marketing For Oct 2022

In the present market scenario with more and more competition popping up, social media platforms and brands have to deploy a succinct strategy that gives you the customer focus needed for your business to thrive among others. The more specific your social media plan is, the more effective it will be in your results. Keep it concise and targeted toward your audience.  We’ve put together a list of the best social media updates for the month of October so that your social media plan yields guaranteed results to multifold your audience.

1. Instagram launches a live test of native scheduling in the app with a limited group of users

Social media managers have been relying upon third-party tools to schedule their posts on Instagram, however not anymore. Instagram is testing a new native scheduling with limited users which can be accessed in the Advanced Settings while creating a new post and by turning on the toggle for the “Schedule this post” option to select the time and date.

2. Pinterest partners with The Louvre to give an experience of the historic art gallery via video elements

The new initiative has been designed with the foresight to expand Pinterest’s original programming by making it more of a destination for entertainment and shopping. We all know that shopping remains the app’s key focus with Pinterest though.

3. LinkedIn adds auto-captions for video content providing another way to maximize content inclusion

With the help of automatic captions, LinkedIn is aiming to make videos more accessible to all including the specially challenged who are hard of hearing or the ones who prefer to watch videos by turning the sound off. You can choose to implement it immediately within the app or review and edit it for accuracy.

4. Instagram tests a new option that will enable you to add a song to your profile page on Instagram

Alessandro Paluzzi shared screenshots of the upcoming feature’s prototype claiming it’s an “internal prototype” at the moment and is currently on the testing tracks with selected users. This feature was also rolled out by MySpace in early 2000.

5. Twitter adds a new toggle that would enable you to either stop or limit people from mentioning your handle

With this new feature by Twitter, all its users can control mentions by allowing them access to mention them or not. This comes in addition to the setting that will be allowing users to completely block out others users from mentioning them in their respective tweets. 

6. YouTube adds a ‘Pinch to zoom’ option to expand the playback screen to examine certain details or elements

Since bezel-less smartphones with longer aspect ratios are becoming hugely popular, YouTube has now rolled out a new feature allowing users to stretch their videos to fit that taller aspect ratio. This feature is for premium users and also supports multiple resolutions and even technologies like HDR. 

7. Facebook adds a new collaborative Reels option to provide a way for users to invite another user to co-author a Reels clip

Alessandro Paluzzi shared that the option would enable users to add another profile as a co-creator that can be listed on your clip, somewhat similar to reel collaboration. This comes as no real surprise as it is a way to maximize exposure opportunities for content creators.

8. LinkedIn adds a new ‘About this profile’ element to provide more insight into when a profile was created

This new ‘About this profile’ element can be accessed via the three dots listed on the menu on any profile on the LinkedIn app. It will be including info on when the profile has been updated, along with whether the user has been using a registered email or phone number in the app.

9. Instagram adds new safety tools including advanced user blocking, negative engagement prompts, and more

The meta-owned company said it will be rolling out such safety features which would be restricting adult users by disabling their contact with teens who are not following them already. The exception to this feature would still be allowing the teens to interact with adult family members and other trusted people on the platform.
That was it for the month of October from Singapore’s most reliable social media marketing agency. Share your views and thoughts on which social media updates can prove to be successful in gaining maximum engagement from your brand’s target audience.

New Things in Digital Marketing For Oct 2022

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