New Things in Digital Marketing For November 2021

Leveraging social media for the latest updates is one of the most versatile and cost-effective strategies that businesses can use to reach their target group and maximize sales over time. If you’re not taking advantage of such social media updates within your digital marketing strategy, you’re missing out on a fast, affordable and effective way to reach almost half the world’s population. 

We are a premium digital marketing agency in Singapore dedicated to reach your brand’s target audience and build its brand identity through customer-centric campaigns that deliver great ROI. In case you missed out on the most trending social media updates in the month of November, we have made sure to compile a list of the same to make your job a tad bit easier. Here goes the updates:-

1. LinkedIn adds ‘LinkedIn Live’ giving creators access to maximize audience engagement on the platform

LinkedIn is amping up its ‘Creator Mode’ features by adding LinkedIn Live access for those users having Creator Mode turned on along with a new and informative newsletter option for creators to allow more connectivity with their audience. LinkedIn thought about this after noticing that Live videos receive 7x reactions and 20x comments more than native platform videos within the app.

2. Twitter prepares for the new ‘Downvotes’ option to be made available to more users very soon

Twitter is all set to reveal some features called Reactions, Downvotes and Sorted Replies for iOS users. There will be four new reactions which have been tested out to give users the ability to showcase how conversations make them feel and to give users “a better understanding of how their Tweets are received. 

3. Clubhouse launches live closed captions available for Clubhouse chats to maximize accessibility

The most-awaited feature auto-generated live closed captions during an audio session has launched which can help your listeners to follow the speaker along with in-text format. What’s best is people who are differently-abled can also use the audio-only platform after the latest update came into force. Aiming for a wider push, Clubhouse added it after live captioning was available to its major rival in the audio space — Twitter Spaces.

4. Instagram enables the capability to delete individual posts from within a previously uploaded carousel

For deleting one image from a grouped carousel, users previously would have to delete the entire post and start uploading it all over again. However thanks to this new and much awaited update, users can now delete any image they are not happy with from a grouped carousel which has been rolled out to iOS users and is rolling out soon for Android too.

5. Snapchat adds a new ‘Layers’ toggle that’ll enable users to change the focus of the map display

Snap Map from Snapchat  came up with a new feature called ‘Layers’ that will be introducing specialized and immersive experiences from select partners and from Snap. The two new Snap-owned features which are being added to the Snap Map are called Memories and Explore.

6. Facebook launches shopping in ‘groups’ to capitalize on niche targeting and community engagement

Snap Map from Snapchat  came up with a new feature called ‘Layers’ that will be introducing specialized experiences from select partners and from Snap. The two new Snap-owned experiences which are being added to the Snap Map are Memories and Explore.

7. Instagram launches new Text-to-speech and alternative voice effect options in reels

The widely used photo-sharing platform has added latest features inspired by TikTok that has ‘text-to-speech’ and ‘voice effects’ in Reels. The first feature will allow reel makers to use alternate voices to read anything instead of using their own voice while making a video. Tuning up a bit, it has also added voice effects that can be further added to make more interesting videos.

8. Snapchat adds a ‘Food Scan’ feature to get recipe recommendations by scanning the ingredients

This new update from Snapchat will provide recipe recommendations based on the food item/s you are trying to scan in via the Snap camera. You simply line up the item in the Snap camera, then hold down your finger on screen and that will trigger the scan process, and produce relevant recipe matches in response.

9. Twitter rolls profile search option for keyword search of tweets from a specific user on their profile page

Most of the users of Twitter are getting access to a new update which makes it convenient to search for a particular user’s tweets. It will allow the users to easily navigate to any user’s profile and search by typing in the keyword on the search profile banner beside the three-dot menu. This feature is available to all users of iOS and will be slowly rolled out for web and Android as well.

You can be a step ahead in the digital world with the list of recent updates when you collaborate with the best social media marketing agency in Singapore – Let’s Goo Social. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to being on our toes for relevant and trending updates that will matter the most for the success of your digital marketing campaigns. Our group of experts leverage these updates into the campaigns to help your brand gain a positive brand positioning in the consumer’s mind. Give us a call at @ +91 9087706000 to know how we do it all!

New Things in Digital Marketing For November 2021

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