New Things in Digital Marketing For Nov 2022

Social media marketing leverages both strategy and creativity in order to function effectively. While it may seem overwhelming initially, its importance cannot be overstated significantly in the digital marketing sphere. It’s been said that around 92% of marketers utilize social media to win brands as a part of their marketing efforts. In addition to that, 78% of salespeople who engage consistently on social media are outselling their competitors who aren’t. 

However, most businesses are aware of the rapid social media updates being rolled out every month that can help their brand stay relevant to their target audience. We’ve put together a list of such target-centric and inclusive social media updates that can make your digital game stronger than ever.

1. LinkedIn rolls out its native post-scheduling tool for some of its users to maximize on-platform presence

The Microsoft-owned social network was continuously testing the new feature internally among its users but seems like LinkedIn is now getting itself ready for prime time, according to reports. Those who are not having the feature will be seeing a little clock icon beside the “post” button within the message compose box.

2. WhatsApp is rolling out a new option that enables you to send a message to yourself

The new and helpful feature which the meta-owned company confirms will be rolling out soon is said to be ‘Message Yourself’ and it will be helping users to send messages to their own Whatsapp accounts. These messages can be reminders, to-do lists, pictures, audio files, and documents.

3. Youtube rolls out a new feature to enable creators to tag products within their Shorts clips

YouTube has rolled out initial tests of the new shopping features on its short-video platform Shorts for its creators, alongside affiliate marketing. The new shopping features will help users to buy products as they browse Shorts or clips within the app.

4. Snapchat launches an AR Lens integration with the fitness app Strava to provide visual updates of Strava activity

Snapchat has recently rolled out a brand-new AR association with the infamous fitness tracking app Strava. This will be providing the users with an augmented reality experience where they can share their fitness progress with friends and family through using Snapchat.

5. Instagram rolls out the capacity to add music to still image posts to integrate music into the IG experience

Instagram now allows users to add up to 90-sec music to their in-feed photo posts or collages providing creators with additional tools that have the ability to bring their content to life and express themselves personally to the audiences.

6. WhatsApp users can now search for businesses – by category or name – directly in the  UI

WhatsApp confirms its latest feature will save a lot of people from going through the phone and finding phone numbers on websites or searching for one from their contacts list. The innovative feature has been rolled out to users in Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Colombia, and the United Kingdom.

7. Snapchat rolls out a range of AI features to help fans engage with the 2022 World Cup

Snapchat is transforming over 30 markets on how football fans and Snapchatters all across the world can experience and celebrate the epic 2022 World Cup through immersive AR experiences. This will include bitmojis, dressing up their favorite footballers, official highlights, and even BTS content.

8. Pinterest rolls out a wider launch of Shuffles to make artistic collages from Pinterest-originated images

It helps users to cut out objects from photos or their Pinterest pins. You can just cut out whatever you want and create your own mood board or collage. Shuffles make these image cutouts very easy and user-friendly.

9. YouTube opens up its ‘Go Live Together’ option to provide more creative considerations for your live streams

This will allow only a few selected creators to invite guests who can go live with them, the company announced recently. At the launch event, the creators witnessed that they were able to co-stream via a phone since go-live feature won’t be available on the desktop version.

These were the trending updates for the month of November that redefined social media marketing in so many ways. Share your comments whether you think such updates are necessary for brands to redefine themselves once in a while.

New Things in Digital Marketing For Nov 2022

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