New Things In Digital Marketing For May 2022

Social media networks are open to everyone giving businesses a chance to follow their consumers’ buying behaviour with the hope to convert them into potential buyers. This helps marketers stay more informed about their potential target audience, what they prefer and their interests so that they will be able to create better marketing strategies to attract them more easily. And if as a marketer you are not applying this profitable source to your business then you are missing out on an incredible marketing opportunity to showcase your brand as it makes it easy to spread the word about your product and mission.

1. Twitter launches ‘Twitter Circle’ to share tweets with a specific, custom group of connections in the app

The new and trending ‘Twitter Circle’ option will help users to now share tweets with a closed and specific custom group of connections within the app. Twitter Circle option gives users the ability to essentially create a private group chat via tweet by adding a variable audience control process that will give users the potential to share tweets with a specific list of chosen contacts.

2. Pinterest launches ‘Pinterest TV Studio’ app to enable live-stream creators to improve their streaming set-ups

Pinterest has officially launched its TV Studio live streaming app for both Android and iOS. The app will now allow selected video creators so they can go live on Pinterest. The application is not available to all creators at present but will be rolled to all soon. The users will have to enter a code or scan a barcode to access the special live streaming tools within the application.

3. Instagram tests with users in India a new ‘Following’ tab alongside the main Reels feed

Users in India will now be able to visualize a new “Following” tab along the main Reels feed. The Following tab offers a new innovative way for users to scroll through the recent Reels clips in various sections of classifications. The widely used platform is working on offering each and every possible way to encourage creators to utilize its TikTok lookalike – Reels.

4. YouTube changes the way that video comments are displayed on the desktop by adding a ‘teaser’ type presentation

YouTube recently changed the way the video comments are being displayed on the desktop by adding a ‘teaser’ like presentation. YouTube said it will be showing a single comment below the clip. When users expand or click, these comments will open to the right of the playback window, just the way they live comments are getting displayed, in a static motion.

5. Instagram tests a new Stories presentation UI that essentially hides Stories posts after a certain frame count

For over a long time, Instagram has been testing many of the new Stories presentation UI that will enable users to hide Stories posts after a certain frame count. The new prompt can be easy to miss which means that whatever Stories that you have posted beyond three frames, the probability is that those latter ones are mostly to be seen.

6. Snapchat launches ‘Shared Stories’ option for users to invite others to contribute to their Story

Snapchat came up with ‘Shared Stories’ to help its users “turn shared moments into shared memories.” Just like any other story being shared on Snapchat, this feature will also be disappearing after 24 hours. What’s different here is that you can choose friends who can complement that story with even more photos or videos.

7. WhatsApp adds a Digilocker documentation initiative in India to provide digital identity documents In-App

Digilocker services are launching on WhatsApp which is to make government services accessible. Citizens will now be able to use the MyGov Helpdesk on the app to access the Digilocker service. This will create an authentic Digilocker account which will help download documents such as PAN cards, driving licenses, vehicle registration certificates and more on WhatsApp.

8. Snapchat adds a new integration with eBay to enable users to share eBay listings within Snaps

Snapchat users can now easily share eBay listings with their friends right into Snaps using the Snapchat Camera on Android and iOS. More than 142M buyers shop on eBay globally to find everything from the latest sneaker drops to rare, vintage handbags, and now, Snapchatters have a seamless way to share what they’ve been eyeing, or even what they are selling.

9. Whatsapp users can currently add up to 256 people to a WhatsApp group chat, which will now be doubled

Yes now all users can add up to 512 people to a particular group which was previously 256. WhatsApp says that this particular change was highly requested by users and hopes to help people and groups remain more connected to each other.

That was all for this list of new and trending updates from the world of social media. Let us know in the comments about which one you think made the most sense as a marketer and can turn our to beneficial for most app users.

New Things In Digital Marketing For May 2022

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