New Things In Digital Marketing For Mar 2022


The usage of social media cannot be underestimated, atleast not in today’s era. Millions of people consume it everyday for their day-to-day purposes – be it shopping, news, casual updates, connectivity and much more. Here’s come a chance for digital marketers to leverage the social platform to connect with their target audience and increase their brand awareness throught advertising. 

Social media gives the opportunity to connect with consumers and create brand loyalty through formats like statics, GIFS, videos, stories, etc. Marketers need to keep abreast of the ever evolving social media updates to stay relevant to their user base and that’s why we are here to help! Here’s March month social media fix for all the new social media marketers.

1. Snapchat adds a new sharing option to share YouTube videos with friends, direct from the Snapchat Camera

Users in Snapchat across iOS and Android will now be able to share any of their favourite YouTube videos with their close friends through the Snap Camera. It will also let go of the unnecessary copying, pasting and attaching video links, confirms Snapchat. All you need to do is open a video from the YouTube app and then tap onto the share button and tap into the Snapchat icon for sharing.

2. Messenger rolls Shortcuts to easily share announcements, make payments & activate app functionalities

Meta previously known as Facebook has introduced many new features and shortcuts to its popular Messenger app. Recently the company has added a new Slack-like feature that will help users notify all the participants in a chat if a new message pops up. Meta has also said that the new feature is accurate for group reminders, small get-togethers or even in situations when you’re asking a time-sensitive question and need a fast response.

3. LinkedIn launches a new application called ‘LinkedIn Learning Pathfinder’ for your professional development

LinkedIn is on the look-out to help users re-skill and upskill as people try to move beyond the lockdown situation, with the latest application called ‘LinkedIn Learning Pathfinder’, which will take users through a basic Q & A process to help you find a dedicated LinkedIn Learning education platform for your professional career development. This new procedure can be tried by yourself here which starts by asking for your name and what you want to expect from the course, professionally, over the next 6 months.

4. Twitter finally launches keyword search for DMs, providing a means to locate specific mentions within any DM text

Twitter revealed a new feature recently – keyword search for DMs – for all its application users. This new and innovative feature provides a way for users to locate specific mentions within a particular DM to track down previous conversations, mentioned people and products, retweets, etc. This social networking platform comes out with the DM search options, which will now feature filters so that users can easily track down their queries in relatively four segments – All, People, Groups, and Messages.

5. Instagram tests a new ‘Scheduled’ sticker for Stories to provide another way to promote upcoming events

Instagram is presently testing a new sticker feature which is the ‘scheduled’ stickers option that can be used in their stories as a reminder for any upcoming events for their followers. This sticker has been designed to enable users to share a reminder of the events that they have previously planned to take place in their Instagram stories. 

6. YouTube adds new live stream features that include live stream guests and a full-screen mode option

YouTube recently showcased a small glimpse of its new features lined up for YouTube Live. It has options for Livestream guests, broadcast notifications, and new viewing options for all its users. With the live guest’s option, YouTube said to launch a dry run for a feature called Go Live Together. It will enable creators to invite guests to their Livestream by sharing a link. YouTube will also be adding another new feature called live rings to help a user know when a channel that they are subscribed to is going live.

7. Instagram will now allow all users to tag products in their IG posts to expand its eCommerce listings

Instagram has recently revealed a new product tagging feature to all users in the US which refers that you don’t need a business or creator account to tag products in your posts. The new feature will start rolling out to everyone “over the coming few months.” Instagram has changed into an app where just about everything can be easily shoppable by its users and can be purchased with the same look that your friend is wearing in their posts.

8. Clubhouse encourages direct social interaction on the app with a new ‘Wave Bar’ at the top of your screen

Clubhouse has added a new feature to maximize user interactions on the platform called the ‘Wave Bar’ that will be showcasing connections available online and enable users to start a social room with others just by sending a wave. With this latest functionality, friends of speakers would be able to join the conversation.

9. Instagram has now taken the next step, with the addition of auto-generated captions in Instagram feed videos

Instagram has recently launched auto-generated captions for videos on its app, the company announced on Tuesday. Up until now, creators were only manually adding captions to their videos. Instagram says the addition of captions will make Instagram more accessible for users who are in the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities. 

That was it for the month of March! As a digital marketer which one do you think is eminent in the field of social media marketing for your brand to stand out from the crowd. Share your views with us!

New Things In Digital Marketing For Mar 2022

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