New Things In Digital Marketing For June 2022

Have you ever wondered why social media is important for businesses? Social media is relevant because it offers various companies a way to connect one-on-one with their target audience and nurture those audience members into relevant prospects and churn them more into loyal ones. Keep reading more to learn more about why social media updates are important and the importance of social media marketing for a brand to generate brand awareness and online growth only from the most reliable digital marketing agency in Singapore.

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1. Instagram adds a new option to pin posts on your profile to help control your IG profile display

Instagram recently said that it’s coming up with the ability for users to pin up to three posts, including photos, carousels, Reels, to the top of their profile grid to connect more with their audiences. The visual platform said that the new feature has been rolled out to give creators more flexibility to express themselves.

2. LinkedIn users see a new alert in the app with the ‘Funny’ Reaction gradually being rolled out

You can now see a brand new Reaction on LinkedIn called the ‘Funny’ emoji being added to the six other emoji response options on LinkedIn posts which has been rolled out progressively and isn’t to be had to everybody available to everyone yet but.

3. Twitter takes another step towards streamlined in-app commerce by partnering with Shopify

Twitter shared today that it’s announcing a new partnership with Shopify which will see the launch of a sales channel app, available to all of Shopify’s U.S. merchants through its app store. The app will then allow merchants to onboard themselves to Twitter’s Shopping Manager where sellers can access product catalogue tools and enable other features for their profiles.

4. YouTube adds a new element that will give users a way to add ‘update notes’ to their YouTube clips

Referred as ‘Corrections’, the new process will be showcasing an info card teaser in the video playback, to signal exactly where a correction note has been added to a clip. This will show up at the top right of the playback window, at the timestamp of the first Correction in the clip. Once a user clicks on it will expand the video description which will show the written correction or clarification based on the change.

5. Snapchat is looking to help travel advertisers reach its captive audience with ‘Dynamic Travel Ads’

By returning to the card in many regions, Snapchat is now at the forefront to help travel advertisers reach their target captive audience with new and innovative Dynamic travel ads. As the name suggests, Snap’s Dynamic Travel Ad Match will have a business product catalog to showcase relevant travel destinations for every user which will be according to the search based on the places they visit and the products they have seen before.

6. Clubhouse is now testing private groups as a means to enable more intimate interaction in the app

Clubhouse, the audio-only app that captured the attention of everyone early in the pandemic has been experimenting with the latest feature that will let users join private groups. Testing of the tool has been said to have expanded in recent weeks, around the same time that Clubhouse reduced its original headcount and started on a change in strategy.

7. Twitter adds a never miss out on an exclusive product launch option called the ‘Product Drops’ reminder option

Twitter is trying to help users ensure that are never missing out on an exclusive product launch. This will further help businesses connect with interested shoppers – via a new ‘Product Drops’ reminder option, which they can also name under their tweet listings. With just one click, users can request to be reminded of the Product Drop that will happen in the near future. Whenever a merchant Tweets about an upcoming launch, the users will see a “Remind me” button mostly at the bottom of the Tweet.

8. Instagram rolls out some new in-app ‘nudges’ to help minimize harmful impacts on young users

Meta-owned visual-sharing platform Instagram recently emphasised the fact that teenage users on the platform will be soon seeing nudges that will enable them to switch to another topic if they are repeatedly looking at the same type of content, especially on the Explore page. This nudge has been made to encourage teens to discover something new and excludes certain topics that can be associated with appearance comparison.

9. WhatsApp enables users to switch between Android and iPhone without losing encryption on their messages

WhatsApp is letting Android users want to switch to an iPhone seamlessly without losing any chat history. You’ll need an app— Move to iOS –to do this which can be downloaded from the play store or AppStore. Also, you’ll only be able to do this while setting up a new iPhone from scratch which is to say you’ll have to factory reset your existing one.

That was it for the month of June! As the #1 social media marketing agency in Singapore, we make sure to stay on track with the list of new, relevant and informative updates from the largest social media platforms in the world which can help marketers gain competitive advantage over their brands. Read and let us know which one do you think must be on your campaign strategy list!

New Things In Digital Marketing For June 2022

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