New Things In Digital Marketing For July 2022

Social media enables marketers to connect and engage efficiently with potential customers across different social platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and even some of the younger platforms like TikTok. Having a strong social media strategy can help create engaging content which marketers can leverage to engage their audience.

Social media will continue to be an important strategy even in the following years, and companies can always find ways to advance their brand by using this time-tested approach. Companies can tell their story using different social media platforms stating why they provide the services they offer which will keep the audiences updated through customer and employee stories. Below we list the most important trending updates from social media that should be kept in mind while planning for their marketing campaigns for the month of July.

1. YouTube will now allow creators to convert segments of their long-form content into minute-long Shorts variations

It’s not just Meta and Instagram that’s has been gearing up towards short-form video format, YouTube has been confirmed to be next on the line for encouraging more short clips via a new option. It has recently revealed its new ‘Edit into a Short’ option which will help users select a section of their regular video uploads that they can further cut down into a bite-sized version.

2. Twitter adds a discovery element with a new display of the top hashtags used in each group/community

Communities pages on Android and the web will now be displaying the most used hashtags within that particular group in a new panel above the tweet feed. Now a user can tap on any tag where they can see all the tweets from within that community that have used that tag. This can also be termed as one of the most encouraging features for creating engagement within Communities.

3. Instagram has announced that virtually all video uploads will now become Reels, whether you want them to or not

Instagram – the social media giant has clearly decided where its future lies. Almost all video posts will now be automatically shared in the Reels format whether the users are liking it or not. And, unless you are planning to opt out, people will be able to use any of your public posts (images, videos, etc) in their own Reels.

4. Meta launches payments between users and businesses within messenger, providing another way to facilitate transactions

Meta-owned Facebook Messenger is all about to launch a feature on its app which will help users to send and receive payments seamlessly. The new command system has been called as ‘shortcuts’, which will be allowing instant access for transactions to process via the messenger app by the simple tap option to a person or group chat.

5. Instagram has launched a new map search feature, which will provide another way to discover local businesses

Instagram has recently revealed a new feature that will give users a more user-friendly option by giving out a searchable and dynamic map experience on the visual sharing platform. This particular feature will now enable you to filter out locations by choosing your preferred options out of a list of categories including cafes, malls, beauty salons, restaurants, theatres and more.

6. Twitter will add a new ‘Status’ feature that would let you add a minor, customizable status update to your tweets

The most trending micro-blogging site Twitter has recently confirmed that it has been testing a new status feature which will help users tag posts with pre-defined labels which is mostly similar to the statuses that the previous LiveJournal and MySpace systems permitted. It’s a feature which will help add a status topic from a predetermined list to your Tweets in order to allow more context for your followers.

7. Instagram will soon enable brands to amplify their Reels clips, via a new ‘Boost’ promotion option built into the format

Instagram for Business is now all set to make Instagram Reels the most fun and entertaining way to tell your brand story in order to get discovered by new audiences. Reels are said to be Instagram’s fastest-growing format which is also an integral part of Instagram since more and more people watch Reels in order to be entertained.

8. LinkedIn adds a new ‘Repost’ option on feed updates to help amplify a post to LinkedIn audiences

LinkedIn has been recently looking to provide more engagement options for building itself on record levels of user activity by adding a new comment and comment reply options on Event pages along with an additional ‘Repost’ option which will thereby provide another way to amplify LinkedIn updates.

9. WhatsApp expands its Reactions offering where users can now select any emoji that they like as a Reaction option

WhatsApp has recently expanded its emoji reactions feature and will enable its users to react to messages with any emoji they prefer. Previously this was only possible with a limited number, six to be precise but now you can react to your WhatsApp messages with any emoji available on your phone/keyboard without being customed to a pre-defined set.

That was all for the month of July from the #1 digital marketing agency in Singapore. Leverage these social media updates into your strategies and let us know which one worked for your brand and which one didn’t.

New Things In Digital Marketing For July 2022

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