New Things in Digital Marketing For Jan 2023

There’s no question about the efficacy of social media and why it is important for the business and retail world. Marketers need to use powerful social strategies to stay on top of current trends or are likely to get lost in a pool of stiff competition. Every business should be on track by leveraging social media updates in some form and benefit from these to reach their target audiences. We are the best digital marketing agency in Singapore that has put in 2023’s first list of viral updates to make sure marketers don’t miss out on a thing.

1. Instagram adds a new ‘Lead Form’ option within the IG business profile action buttons

An exciting feature for digital marketers, this option offers an additional way by which businesses can create a direct response from their users in the app. It provides short answers or multiple-choice as it’s options so that you understand whose viewing your IG profile.

2. Twitter adds ‘Verified Views’ to the main tweet display to push Twitter’s blue take-up

Twitter isn’t in a particularly good spot with Elon Musk sailing its ship with his experiments. This feature has been done to dilute the bots from a real person who has using verified accounts paying $8 per month for Twitter Blue.

3. Meta tests encrypted messages on Messenger to enable users to engage in chats

Meta started rolling its end-to-end encryption features back in 2016 with the launch of secret conversations which was further extended to voice and video calls later on. Now it has been striving hard for group chats and calls in Messenger.

4. LinkedIn removes the ‘curious’ emoji from the app leaving users with just six options now

You might be wondering that maybe the lack of use is the probable cause here. However, LinkedIn hasn’t provided any official confirmation on its removal so no one is really sure if it’s actually been removed or is likely to be a technical issue.

5. Twitter updates the display of the ‘Bookmark’ option to help boost in-app engagement

Bookmarks on Twitter have been reported to be private, and users can tag anything for a later reference but since the functionality is too hidden, its usage is hardly noticeable. Elon Musk confirms that they are adopting a new approach to the bookmark display to bring the functionality up front.

6. YouTube adds a location tagging feature looking so users can add more context to their Shorts

Short clips like reels and shorts have been more profitable compared to long-form IGTVs and videos. Youtube reports a new upload flow with the location tagging feature with its platform to provide more context to such Shorts.

7. Instagram will soon add a ‘Quiet Mode’ that will notify contacts when you’re offline

The perfect way to unwind from social media which enables people to set boundaries for their friends and followers. Once the feature is enabled, users will not receive any notifications and will send an automated reply when someone sends a DM.

8. WhatsApp adds proxy support for users to remain connected even if their local network goes down

The new proxy support feature has been rolled out to all users running the latest WhatsApp iOS and Android applications. The platform said that connecting through a proxy will help manage the messages’ privacy and security and will also remain protected by end-to-end encryption.

9. Instagram lets you add an alternative avatar profile photo, which can be ‘flipped’ in-stream

To add an avatar to the other side of your profile picture, you need to navigate to the “Edit Profile” button. After adding the avatar, your profile picture will automatically flip over to your avatar when people visit your profile.

That was our list of social media updates that we think would be useful for marketers in the long run. Share your thoughts and comments about the latest updates and which one is hit or miss for new-age digital marketers. Call us at +65 91042042 and will elevate your brand identity to a whole new level.

New Things in Digital Marketing For Jan 2023

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