New Things in Digital Marketing For Jan 2022


It’s not always traditional media that goes obsolete after some time, all social media giants need to constantly fight the battle of missing out too in order to maintain their place. The key to winning the customer’s heart comes only through proactively listening to them and making modifications to what they want. Likewise, many platforms like Linkedln and Facebook have shut down updates which users were hardly responding to. This would also save up a lot of money, on the other is great to save a lot of time and maintenance. 

The power of social listening can win your brand with loyalty in the long run and make you the potential star when it comes to digital marketing. If you still feel unsure about how to start winning your user’s hearts, here how you can stay ahead of your competitors by following the latest social media updates from the most reliable digital marketing agency in Sinagpore. Let’s get started without any delay.

1. LinkedIn announces that it’s shutting down LinkedIn Lite, its pared-back version of the platform

Professional networking platform launched by Microsoft, LinkedIn has finally decided to shut down its own version of Lite app. The app that was launched in 2017 helped many users get accessibility to users even during low-connectivity and low-bandwidth geographies, especially in India. The app will soon be getting delisted from Android app stores from January 27 and will be deactivated for existing users starting from March 15. 

2. Instagram adds the video remix option to all videos and not only reels for creative engagement

Remix helps in new ways for users to respond and reinvent the creative videos shared on Instagram every day by collaborating with others and getting discovered by new audiences. Instagram reveals that they are elated about how the entire content creator’s community has embraced Remix on Reels showing vibrancy and diversity in content.

3. Twitter adds a new element to the preview version of TweetDeck to expand and watch video clips

Twitter has added a very progressive element to the preview version of the next phase of TweetDeck by allowing users to expand and watch videos from the TweetDeck column even while using their app. After clicking to play a video clip, it will remain present at the bottom of your Twitter window if you scroll next to it which you can continue watching and meanwhile check the latest tweets in your streams.

4. Snapchat adds ‘Catalog-Powered Shopping Lenses’, to showcase a range of products within a single Lens

Such Shopping Lenses offer the Snapchat generation a fast, new and interactive way of purchasing just by trying on multiple products through seamless AR experience. These Lenses are programmed to perfectly outline the Snapchatters face, body, and world. The AR products are automatically personalised according to Snapchatter’s interests and can range from watches to shoes, clothes and much more.

5. Pinterest tests a ‘Highlights’ element for Idea Pins to showcase the best ones at the top of the profile display

Idea Pins are being displayed in posted section order on the ‘Created’ tab on your profile page enabling creators to get more value out of the platform’s Stories feature which disappears after 24 hours. The new ‘Highlights’ element would be appearing above the existing content tabs, and below a person’s bio info which ideally will generate more engagement.

6. Facebook announces that it’s removing video profile images from the platform starting from February 7th

After a very slow start to this particular feature two years back, Facebook finally shuts down its video profile images feature. The majority of people on Facebook did not use the feature and is being removed due to a lack of interest. An indication was likely to come from last year when Facebook suggested that it was considering to remove the option of profile video.

7. Clubhouse adds a new way to improve Room discovery with a re-share option to highlight interesting sessions

The process is essentially Clubhouse’s version of re-tweeting, in order to help generate more great discussions. In the beginning, Clubhouse use to have the share via social network and share via messaging app options but now owing to it’s great popularity, the internal sharing function has been added to make the app more intuitive.

8. Instagram rolls a new display of scheduled live streams on creator profiles for upcoming live broadcasts

Meta-owned photo-sharing Instagram is rolling out a new profile banner that will display a user’s upcoming live streams. Instagram head Adam Mosseri noted that users can now display a badge on their profile to let others know that they have a live stream coming up, TechCrunch reported on Thursday. Once the banner is up, followers can subscribe to get reminded about the live stream. Users can create as many scheduled Lives as they would like. If there is more than one upcoming Live, they will be displayed as a side-scrolling list.

9. Twitter improves tweet discovery in the app with a test of a new topics bar above the tweet timeline

Twitter Tests New Topics Bar Above the Main Timeline to Highlight Relevant Discussions. Twitter’s trying out another way to improve tweet discovery in the app, with a test of a new topics bar above the main tweet timeline, providing a quick link to real-time discussions in the app.

That was it for the month of January. We hope this year brings more growth, more reach and more power to overcome competition and stay apart from the usual league. Collaborate with Let’s Goo Social, the most reliable social media marketing agency in Singapore to skyrocket your brand and increase it’s reach among the perfect set of target audience by leveraging customer-centric and ROI-focused digital marketing campaigns.

New Things in Digital Marketing For Jan 2022

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