New Things In Digital Marketing For Feb 2022

Social media has grown to be an essential part of our lives. With the rapid consumption of content through forms like blogs, GIFs, memes, carousels, reviews and other ways, marketers can leverage this opportunity to captivate their audience and grow a loyal base thereby increasing sales and brand awareness. The days of traditional marketing may soon become obsolete and digital is here to stay for its mass consumption.

Digital marketing can create a buzz for your brand if marketers stay up to date with the latest trends and updates. Such updates can help them win not clients but make sure they create a specific target audience that is prospective buyers for their brand. Here’s a list of all the social media updates from the month of February that you leverage for your brand right away put together by Singapore’s most reliable digital marketing agency:-

1. Clubhouse adds a new ‘in-room’ chat option that will run in complement to the main audio discussion

The audio-only social network has finally introduced a new way to get into action by announcing the option of in-room option by adding a text chat feature into its voice rooms that’s similar to what people will be seeing on YouTube or Twitch. In-room chat has been termed as an optional feature, so anyone running a conversation on Clubhouse can toggle the option on when they kick off a room. 

2. LinkedIn posts new analytics tool details about the members that are reading your LinkedIn updates

The professional platform for communication has offered more in-depth insight into content performance through it’s new post analytics tools by showing it’s users the details about the members who are reading their Linkedln updates, post interactions and much more data.

3. Instagram adds a new long-press the share button option to send posts to your top four friends

Instagram is definitely the most powerful social media platform to increase your brand reach and drive new businesses but it can be sometimes really time-consuming and expensive to consistently create high-quality content to see engaging results. That’s why reposting on Instagram is a powerful option for brands and now Instagram has shared a new share option for your post to your top four friends.

4. Reddit adds a new Discovery tab in the app to provide customised subreddit recommendations

The new Discover tab by Reddit is more visually focused and is engaging with images representing each community, which will ideally invite more users into these sub-groups, highlighted in the tab relative to their usage.

5.Snapchat launched a new live sharing functionality that will enable users to share their location

Rolled out for Snapchat users globally, the new feature will be available for all who are interested in sharing their real-time whereabouts with their friends or even letting them know about where they are en-route on the way. Basically, this will help you know your friend’s whereabouts when you need to know them the most however live location sharing is not similar to regular location sharing on Snapchat available on Snap Map since 2017.

6. Twitter adds a new option to pin DM chats where you can pin up to six chats at once to the top of your inbox

Twitter recently rolled out a pinned conversations feature for its Direct Messages (DM) service on iOS, Android, and the Web that will allow users to pin chats to the top of their inbox. Pinning conversations keeps them at the top of the chat list, even if newer messages from other chats are received. The feature was previously part of Twitter Blue, the company’s paid subscription service that grants exclusive access to new features before they are rolled out to other users.

7Instagram adds a new ‘Stories like’ option which enables you to ‘like’ any Story in your feed

Instagram has introduced a new way for its users to interact with the stories by rolling out appreciation with a simple like rather than sending a direct message The feature is an initiative to roll to clean up users’ DM inboxes within the app where all you need to do is engage with a single tap with the user just as you would do with a regular feed post.

8. Twitter launches a new test to enable users to control the playback speed of both video and voice tweets in the app

The new playback speed feature for users will provide a variety of different settings to choose from, so you can customize your viewing experience and engage with your users. This new test came into the picture because of many user preferences provided by Twitter analytics reports.

9. Instagram announces to shut down its separate IGTV app and remove its in-stream video ads option

Instagram recently announced that it will no longer be having the separate IGTV app available for its users. While the official announcement on the wall for Instagram’s YouTube competitor has been there for a while, the official shutdown announcement marks the end of an era for one of Instagram’s forays into video.

That was all for the month of February. All these updates will surely prove to be boon for all social media marketers looking to build an impeccable brand identity. Share your thoughts on the list of updates and why you think it’s a must to implement it in your digital strategies.

New Things In Digital Marketing For Feb 2022

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