New Things in Digital Marketing For Dec 2022

As platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked and others started becoming important in everyone’s lives, social media transformed not only the way we connect with others but also the way upcoming and established businesses are able to influence consumer behavior right from promoting content that drives engagement to extracting geographic, demographic, and personal information that can make clear-cut messages interact with the audience. That’s why we have put together year-end social media updates that can be a part of the 2023 action plan for winning your target audiences and making them your loyal customers.

1. Instagram has added a new way to celebrate the new year with the 2022 recap templates for Reels

With 2022 Recap available for a few weeks, Instagram users will now be able to create Reels in their preferred voiceover and choose from preferred languages like English, Hindi, and Spanish. The 2022 Recap reel has been narrated by the popular rapper Badshah and other artists that will highlight your favorite photos, memories, and videos of the year.

2. Twitter switches brand profiles to squares for highlighting brands in-stream and to counter impersonation

Now the model profiles will be exhibited as square tiles in variance from the previous circle profiles used by normal customers. The massive challenge came with Twitter’s new $8 verification program which everyone said will open up a new pathway to impersonation within the app. 

3. Instagram launches Notes, a new conversation-prompting option to highlight chat prompts from others

With Notes, all the users will be able to update their friends and followers using just text and emoji just by adding a different format for social updates other than images and videos popular in Instagram. Instagram Notes is perhaps the most interesting update that can be a great communication starter with others just by using text.

4. Meta adds new ways to use your 3D avatar on Facebook and Instagram to guide users toward the metaverse

New avatars include facial shapes and assistive devices that are more customizable, expressive, and user-friendly. This update recently got rolled out after five months since Meta was previously rolling it out for 3D avatars for Instagram in Canada, the United States, and Mexico back in 2020.

5. Snapchat adds a new option called ‘Story Boost’, which would seemingly amplify Stories to more viewers

In order to increase the visibility of their content within the app, Story Boost is a new feature that would allow Snapchat+ subscribers to “get more views” on their stories by getting displayed on the first without alerting their friends. 

6. LinkedIn adds a ‘Focused Inbox’ format that will re-route less valuable messages into an ‘Other’ tab

LinkedIn rolls out Focused Inbox to find and respond to important messages as it aims to cut down on most of the spam and surface more relevant messages to its users. As soon as you tap into the option, the tab will be decided into two separate tabs.

7. Youtube adds new chat emotes, shorts editing tools, and automated audio dubbing in other languages

YouTube has introduced a number of new tweaks and updates in numerous methods in terms of content inclusivity, however, the most notable one being to make Shorts a spotlight heading into the brand new 12 months.

8. Reddit adds a new engagement option with images in comments available to 1,500 subreddits

Coming to parts of Reddit and not entirely, come subreddits will now be able to switch from image posting within the user comment threads which will provide another way for people to interact and share within shared communities in the app.

9. Twitter opens up its Community Notes tweet context indicators to all users globally

Community Notes, which was previously known as Birdwatch, is the social media giant’s crowdsourced fact-checking system. The feature allows users to add context to tweets and takes an open-source approach toward debunking misinformation. 

Let us know which updates are important enough to build brands, increase sales, and drive website traffic. We are a premium digital marketing agency in Singapore with the latest skills and an expert team to manage your social channels all in one place in order to grow your business. Give us a call at +65 91042042 and will be happy to take your brand to the next level.

New Things in Digital Marketing For Dec 2022

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