New Things in Digital Marketing For Dec 2021


Digital marketing remains the undisputed king in terms of reaching your target audience. With specific targeting, key propositioning and relevant messaging, digital has the power to win customers in a jiffy. Social media remains an essential part of reaching your target group as nearly 4.48 billion use them in their daily lives. If you partner with the best social media agency in Singapore leveraging our startegies and tools, you’re business is likely to create loyal customer base and get great customer acuiquistion through precise targeting and segmentation.

Digital marketers need to aware of all the latest trends in the social world to keep their business profile up and running on various platforms. From reels to videos to IGTVs to blogs to podcasts, social media has ‘n’ number of mediums to reach and connect with preferred consumers. The social media updates listed below will surely help you increase your brand awareness and stay up to date to December’s trending updates.

1. WhatsApp adds a new feature that will set all your message threads to auto-delete after 24 hrs, 7 days or 90 days

WhatsApp has nearly 2 billion users around the world and has maximized its security features with end-to-end encryption making it tougher for people to hack into private conversations. The new update will help users automatically delete older messages after seven days which is actually customisable to even 24 hrs and 90 days too. It’s off by default but either a person in a chat can activate it, or an admin in a group chat can enable the option.

2. LinkedIn announces its first Indian regional language support with Hindi now being supported in the app

The company revealed recently that Hindi will be the first regional language that will be available to all users across the platform with the total count of Linkedln now supporting 25 languages globally. This will allow users to scroll their feed, profile, post jobs and even message in Hindi, available both for Android and iOS users along with desktop users.

3. Instagram tests a ‘Dancify’ option for Reels which would automatically sync video and music in reels

Recently app seeker Alessandro Paluzzi noticed a new test feature allowing users to ‘dance’ their Reels clips to any music track which is similar to TikTok’s auto-sync option where users can sync their downloaded videos to any music track they like. This process is automated which will match the beats of the music to the video and create a high-quality clip.

4. Clubhouse adds a new ‘Saved Replays’ option for users to save the audio from recorded chats

Clubhouse users will notice a fresh and new tool in their app today. The latest audio-only company has rolled out a new feature for both iOS and Android apps that will allow creators to record an audio room where no one will miss out any on live-action. This new feature is reportedly called Replay where public rooms can optionally be recorded while they take place and then saved to the club or even user profile.

5. Instagram adds an option of Reels Replies where users can now reply to post comments with reels

Instagram’s promising new feature – the visual replies feature will enable a user to reply to comments on his/her own reels by making another reel.  Users need to keep in mind that whoever posts the reel will be able to reply to its comments with new reels which are different for viewers as they can only comment only with normal text. 

6. Twitter adds auto-captions for all video tweets, providing ways to consume video content in the app

These auto-captions will be activated for in-stream videos which will be muted for both iOS and Android whereas on desktop users can switch it on and off. These auto-captions will be available in 37 languages and will appear in the language of the device where it is used to upload the clip. This allows users for ease of understanding and communication with other users more rapidly.

7. WhatsApp adds a new option to preview your voice messages before you send them to anyone

Voice messages are increasingly becoming popular these days because of their ability to bring you closer to your loved ones than a text message. This newly added feature by Whatsapp will work for both individual and group chats which have been also rolled out for all users be it Android, iOS, web or desktop users.

8. Snapchat adds a new ‘Story Studio’ app to selected users to create complex vertical videos within the app

Snapchat has recently launched a  standalone video editing app called Story Studio which is a separate app from Snapchat that has been designed to give creators various tools for editing vertical videos, such as those uploaded to its Spotlight feed. Story Studio was first announced in May by the Snap during its annual Partner Summit, however, it got released recently.

9. Twitter acquires Quill for advanced layout & sorting that is specifically aligned to professional communication

Twitter has acquired Slack-like messaging app Quill with an eye toward improving messaging services, including direct messages. This step was taken to make the user’s experience and creativity a more useful & expressive way people can have conversations on the service.

Every social media update proved to be effective for users and stood out as innovative for precise and brand-centric social media marketing. Share your answers in the comments about which one do you think was a must for social media marketers to adopt in the new era of digital marketing. Alternatively, you can consult with our team of strategic experts at Let’s Goo Social – the best digital marketing agency in Singapore to reach your marketing goals and gain loyal customers through relevant marketing campaigns.

New Things in Digital Marketing For Dec 2021

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