New Things in Digital Marketing For August 2021


Saying that almost everyone spends a good amount of their days on social platforms would not be an exaggeration, at least not in today’s world. In the ever-changing social world, changes and updates happen regularly that too on a blistering phase. 

Being a digital marketer it can be cumbersome to track all the latest news and happenings in the world of Social. Given the popularity of social media in everyone’s lives, marketers and brands flock to social platforms in order to reach their target customers at the right time. 

There is a content overhaul on social media where the competition stands very high. It’s crucial that your message gets delivered to your audience and to do so you can’t stay ignorant of the latest social media updates. Below we mention which social media platform came up with interesting updates in the month of August.

1. LinkedIn rolls native video meetings without the need to download a separate video app

Recently Microsoft-powered video conferencing tool became a part of LinkedIn platform which will allow its users to schedule free video calls with other users on their network without having to switch over to other apps. Users will be able to find the “Create Video Meeting” option within their LinkedIn chat window. Keeping in mind about inclusivity, this new native video option does prevent the users from utilising other video providers too.

2. Instagram replaces swipe-up links with link stickers for all its users

Instagram developers have been testing this new update since June with a limited number of users. However it was rolled out officially for all users across the platform on August 30. But this feature will only be including creators who verified or who have met the required follower count. The new Instagram sticker enables adding of external links to the stories having numerous advantages over the old swipe up link option. 

3. Facebook now enables users to create and share Instagram Reels within the main app

Presently Facebook is testing its waters on a new Reels display features within user feeds enabling users to create short form videos directly within the Facebook news feed itself or groups. This will allow users to tap onto the create button from the reels section while scrolling on the news feed while watching reels. This will also give access to various creation tools that includes video capture, music selection, camera roll import, text and more.

4. Instagram adds Audio Tab making it easier to tap into trends based on music clips

With significant competition from TikTok, Instagram has raised its bar with the new audio option within the app’s search tab, making it easier to tap into music trends. Tapping on the track will bring up a TikTok-style display of Reels which will enable users to download the audio for later use while also getting a complete overview of relevant trends in Reels.

5. WhatsApp adds new disappearing messages and videos to its chat screens

The latest messaging platform has finally rolled out the new disappearing photos feature sharing option. The feature is called ‘View Once’ and is very similar to Instagram’s expiring media option in the direct messaging. When you send a photo using this feature, then it will disappear once the receiver opens it and leaves the chat. But, you will have to select View Once media each time you want to send a view once photo or video.

6. Youtube adds new video chapters within search results to broaden SEO efforts

It’s crucial to create quality video content but is as important as to understand the latest tactic to optimise such videos and maximize its reach. Youtube recently added Chapters as an optimization strategy to make videos more easily accessible to users creating new opportunities for search discovery. This helps in prominently showing your video in search results that can significantly boost your reach.

7. Instagram will now require Date of Birth as proof to protect youngsters

Instagram wants to make its app provide a child-safe experience for users under 18. Taking a step towards ensuring safety, Instagram will now be requiring birthdate proof for users before using the app. All the new users will also be required to enter their birthdate for the sign up process which will be prompted as they open the app. In case you dismiss the proof, Instagram will be blurring your posts which are marked as sensitive.

8. LinkedIn rolls out ‘People You May Know’ recommendations to facilitate better connections

Linkedln’s “People You May Know“ feature on My Network page suggests users can connect within the app. These recommendations will be based on similarities between you and other users apart from the contacts from email and mobile phone address. Like if you are having shared connections that have similar profile information and experiences, work at the same company or industry, or may have attended the same school.

9. Youtube opens Theatre For Business to host live entertainment events

YouTube is launching a 6,000-seat live entertainment venue exclusively in Los Angeles suburbs. According to reports, the space is called YouTube Theater which will be three stories tall and host a range of performances from traditional concerts to the type of digitally native fare you would expect from the website, like esports competitions and creator meetups. 

That was it for the month of August. We are sure that these updates once implemented will favour your brand building in so many ways. Share your thoughts about which update was relevant to digital marketers the most and why they should implement it.

New Things in Digital Marketing For August 2021

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