New Things In Digital Marketing – Aug 2022

It can be really confusing to stay up to date with social media trends as the industry keeps changing at a gruelling pace. Additionally, there are also many other parts that contribute to a successful digital marketing strategy or campaign – so it’s a major challenge to keep up with every aspect in terms of social media marketing.

The pandemic transformed in such a manner that B2B and B2C companies across sectors operated as a larger community went online and opted to research, review and purchase. This whole digital transformation made a huge impact on the social media world keeping digital marketers on their toes But as more and more marketing teams started growing towards meeting the virtual demand of the audience, the reopening after the pandemic saw slumps in website traffic thereby increasing online sales.

Each month we continue to witness new and unexpected social media updates that build the crux of the future of marketing that everyone has been looking forward to.  If anything, the social media updates in August compiled by our team of digital experts are set to be some of the most groundbreaking to date.

1. Meta launches ‘JioMart’, which will enable Indian WhatsApp users to browse and shop within the WhatsApp UI

Meta and an e-commerce partnership between India’s Reliance Retail and Jio Platforms are redefining grocery shopping with the help of WhatsApp which was claimed to be a global-first end-to-end shopping experience on the popular platform to bring a seamless shopping experience for users. The inital launch of JioMart on WhatsApp follows Meta and JioMart’s venture has led to testing integration with select users two years ago. 

2. LinkedIn adds a new ‘Discover’ feed option to add more contextual info on job listings and updates for groups

LinkedIn recently added some new updates to engage in more content discovery and increase audience engagement within the app, which includes a new ‘Discover’ feed that will lend contextual information, especially to the job listings and updates for community groups. Such updates have some level of functional value which can be termed interesting to see how LinkedIn members interact in the coming months.

3. WhatsApp enables additional control with the option to switch off online activity markers or restrict those signals to certain users

Meta-owned WhatsApp has recently announced three new privacy features for allowing users more protection in terms of security. Meta CEO and Founder Mark Zuckerberg have also shared WhatsApp privacy features that will be including an announcement meant for group participants, who will be able to view the online status of the user, screenshot blocking for view once and a new global campaign. 

4. Pinterest is looking to help Shopify merchants maximize their in-stream sales by adding a new streamlined conversion process

Pinterest has been looking out to help more and more Shopify merchants maximize their in-stream sales by adding a new and more streamlined conversion process to make it faster and simpler for users to buy direct from your Pin listings. This new ‘Hosted Checkout’ process will enable users to select all the relevant product orders they require info on rather than referring its users back to a merchant website to make the actual purchase.

5. Meta is expanding its support of digital collectables by making the NFT display options available in more than 100 countries

Meta Owner Mark Zuckerberg recently revealed that the company starting its very own international expansion of NFT support through Instagram. This global expansion will be following the social network’s initial NFT test launch back in May. With such an expansion, users and businesses across 100 countries that include Africa, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and America will now be able to share their NFTs on Instagram. 

6. Instagram is developing a native post scheduling process to enable users to schedule all of their posts, reels and stories

While this particular feature has long been a part of Instagram’s Creator Studio, we are currently receiving the news about the possible launch of a new scheduling tool which is happening soon. The company has shown a lot of interest in adding more convenience for users through a tool which will help them schedule all of their posts, including Reels, directly through the app.

7. Twitter is testing a new format for publisher links by calling it ‘Tweet Tiles’ display to facilitate user engagement

Presently people on iOS and the web are seeing and interacting with Tweet Tiles in the form of text, images, videos, or other elements like a button from people when the initial testing was going on. These formats have been made so that users can easily engage with the content within the app and make the corresponding timeline more dynamic and appealing.

8. LinkedIn launches a new pin comment on the post reply section to spark more engagement within your updates

This could be a really engaging way to guide the related conversation or maybe to just acknowledge users that they have engaged with your post in a creative manner. LinkedIn previously had enabled business users with a feature where they can pin an update on their LinkedIn Company Page to their own top posts at the top of their profile, which is actually the same thing as pinning.

9. Twitter launches new integrated podcasts display in the Spaces tab, which will now be renamed the ‘Audio’ tab instead

Twitter has recently rolled out its new integrated podcasts display in the Spaces tab where the new Audio tab will be highlighted podcasts and Spaces content (pre-recorded and live) within a single display where the broadcasts will be separated into specific topics – or ‘Stations’ as Twitter notified its users.

That was all for the month of August from the best social media marketing agency in Singapore. Read through the updates and let us in the comments about which one you think made the most sense as a digital marketer and can prove to be an added advantage if leveraged into existing campaign strategies.

New Things In Digital Marketing – Aug 2022

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