New Things in Digital Marketing For April 2022

Let’s admit it, the social media world is even bigger than we can imagine! Apart from just scrolling through the news feed, it serves a variety of purposes for digital marketers. Nearly 80% of marketers have agreed on the fact that social media can generate immense exposure for their brand and that’s only just a few of its advantages. Social media networks have been considered a substantial part of every advertising strategy and their benefits in social media is so great that any marketer who’s not utilising this cost-effective resource to reach out to potential customers is missing out on a phenomenal marketing opportunity

It’s easy to witness that social media marketing is an important element for success in marketing and many have also realized the true potential for growing businesses using the platform. Staying on top of the social game is important that’s why as your trusted digital marketing agency in Chennai, we have put through the latest and most important trending updates in the social world that can make your branding game stronger than ever. Let’s dig deeper right into it without any delay.

1. Instagram announces that in-stream video ad placement is no longer available as an option in the app

With Reels continuously driving strong engagement for Instagram, it’s now further into short-form video consumption, while also helping to simplify its broader video offering to creators and users. That’s why now the app has announced to shut down its separate IGTV app along with that has planned to remove its in-stream video ads option. 

2. Meta adds a new ‘Share to Reels’ option for third-party developers to help fuel reels usage

Recently third-party apps will be able to add an option of ‘Share to Facebook Reels’ which will now provide more creative options and tools to integrate into the Reels experience. Previously instead of unnecessarily downloading videos created through third-party tolls and later on uploading them manually will be changed to posting reel clips from apps that are not meta-owned with a single tap.

3. Twitter’s working on the capacity to insert different forms of media into one single tweet

This particular feature can now open up a range of new and innovative creative opportunities by expanding on expressive tools – even though it’s not coming soon, especially with Twitter’s projects on pause at present after the latest Elon Musk takeover. This could now provide a new way to showcase products for brands and small business owners either with a still image promo shot, or many innovative video overviews within the same tweet.

4. Instagram has been expanding its test of 90-second Reels to more and more users ever since February

The widely used social networking app has started to experiment with longer Reels ever since February. Many users have witnessed seeing the longer option appear for them within the app. Instagram has recently revealed that the new update will be rolled out to all users. But right now it is only for testing purposes only without official plans to make it a permanent feature yet. 

5. Facebook users can now insert music into their comments to make people listen to their favourite tracks

Many regular Facebook users have started noticing a new pop-up in the app that alerts them to the fact of inserting music into their Facebook comments. This will now enable users to add music clips into the post replies that will also offer another way to make people listen to your favourite tracks, and promote artists in the chat. 

6. Pinterest announces a partnership with WooCommerce to convert their product catalogues into Shoppable Pins

The new Pinterest for WooCommerce partnership has given an extensive feature to more than three million merchants with the ability to turn their product catalogues into interactive shoppable Product Pins on Pinterest. It’s considered one of the many ways that Pinterest is becoming easier for merchants to leverage in order to build their audience and increase sales for the business.

7. Instagram tests out ‘Templates’ for reels, with the new Reels Promo In-Stream feature

Instagram has been trying out a brand new and innovative method to assist its users, as well as customers, create extra participating Reels clips while also testing out brand new possibilities to advertise Reels through your major feed, as it is right now really working to compete in opposition to the rising threat and competition from TikTok.

8. Snapchat adds new types of assistive devices for Bitmoji characters to maximize user inclusion

Snapchat has taken more steps to maximize inclusion in its Bitmoji avatars, with the addition of new types of assistive devices for Bitmoji characters. Facilitating more inclusion is an important step for Bitmoji, especially given Snap’s vision of Bitmoji characters to become ‘the world’s avatar’, available for use in a wide range of applications.

9. YouTube rolls out the “pre-publish checks” tool to the mobile app for users uploading their content on the go

After first launching its version on desktop last March, YouTube is now ready to finally bring its pre-publish checks feature tool to the mobile app as well. This feature will make it easier for those users who prefer uploading their content on the go by ensuring that it’s fully eligible for monetization before they actually post it.

That’s it for the month of April folks! Stay tuned to the list of the most awaited updates for every month from the best digital marketing agency in Singapore. Share us your answers in the comments about which one is a must for every digital marketing out there!

New Things in Digital Marketing For April 2022

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