Google Page Experience Update Rolled Out And Why it Matters


Google recently revealed that the Page Experience Update has finally been rolled out. The announcement was exposed to a not-so overwhelming response. Nevertheless, this is a major update and users will surely pay attention to it gradually. Core Web Vitals has received many updates in 2021 that have had the direct consequence of making the metrics right and more accurate.

After the launch of core algorithm updates, those pertaining to the individual metrics that comprise the Core Web Vitals resulted in improved website scores for most web pages. The seeming ban on intrusive interstitials was recently clarified by John Mueller. He said that interstitials that do not allow users from the content when they first arrive on a site are what Google considers objectionable and a poor experience for the user.

The page experience signals of Google now the following:

  1. Core Web Vitals
  2. HTTPS
  3. Mobile-Friendliness
  4. Intrusive Interstitial Guidelines

These signals together will now play an important part in coming to the conclusion of the rankings of websites. The page experience factor will be considered important for SERPs that have multiple sites providing authentic information. From now on Google’s algorithm will go through the page experience signal and rank pages in a higher position if it has a better and intuitive user experience.

Why Is Page Experience Update Important?

While relevance is considered the most important outcome for any Google rankings, page experience factors will still be identified as a crucial ranking factor that merits consideration and requires attention. The Page Experience ranking factors are accurate ranking factors, not a tiny aspect of rankings that many believe it to be. At the beginning of August Google’s John Mueller affirmed that Core Web Vitals is more than what people think that it is an important ranking factor in itself.

While on a Reddit discussion where Core Web Vitals was being unaddressed as relatively inconsequential, John Mueller insisted to be a part of the community to inform that the Core Web Vitals ranking factor was important and needs careful attention.

While we know that links are important ranking factors, we don’t know which links actually work with rankings and which don’t.  The Page Experience ranking signals are distinct as Google is entirely transparent and fair about these ranking factors, providing many helpful tips in order to improve scores. Given that the Page Experience Ranking Factors are the ranking signals that do have a ranking effect, it makes sense to be wise about delegating some resources to enhance the Page Experience Signals for putting your absolute best efforts to win the top rank in the search results.
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Google Page Experience Update Rolled Out And Why it Matters

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