What To Expect From Google Core Algo Updates of June-July

Google released the new and advanced Core Algorithm Update in the month of June 2021. Along with that update, came along a few other additions like a Page Experience Update as well as a Spam Algorithm Update. Crediting the ranking fluctuations to particular website modifications or links when the core algorithm update was released can be uncertain because some ranking dips could also be wholly accidental and have no relation with website changes.

Considering the number of algorithm changes in that month, any ranking fluctuations in June 2021 will be much more tedious to attribute to a single type of website change.

1. What To Expect From Google Core Algo Updates of June-July?

The person who asked this question was found to be gathering confirmation of observations that many curious people previously had on whether page speed seemed to be a common attribute in sites that gained rankings during the June and July 2021 algorithm updates.

The question which was asked was, “I read online that people said that they’ve seen an uplift after the June core update. They’ve also seen one for July as well. For us, it wasn’t the same. What could have happened in July? Could it be related to speed?”

2. Speed and Core Algorithm Updates Were Different

John Mueller then pointed out how web page velocity and the core algorithm updates had been totally different. John Mueller further responded: 

Speed…As far as I know this has been primarily separate and has distinct updates. So we have named both of them as core updates because they have an effect on the core of our ranking systems. But that doesn’t denote that they affect the identical core elements of the ranking system. So accordingly, it’s not the case that if you see a change because of one of these updates you will notice a change during the other one too. That’s why I wouldn’t assume that they are entirely related.” 

3. Could Page Speed Affect Ranking Changes According To The Update?

Mueller then goes on to say that speed could be a factor in some ranking changes. The relation between ranking alterations and web page speed was outlined by John briefly: 

Could it be related to speed? Yes, it can definitely be associated with speed because the complete web Page Experience Update is something that I think started rolling out in June.

So in July, you might still see some differences there. But the core update itself isn’t something that I think is associated with page experience update. That’s kind of a separate thing.

4. Multiple Summer 2021 Updates

During the month of May, Google rolled out an upgraded version of Keras-based TF-Ranking which is a research-based platform for developing new learning-to-rank (LTR) models and then gradually using them in production. However, there was a slew of spam and algorithm upgrades in June and July. Is there a considerable association or link between them? Google has no clue. But the continuous algorithm releases have gradually increased significantly this summer.

It may become difficult to disparate individual changes and ascribe ranking fluctuations to the core algorithm update because Google published many improvements updates in June and July 2021. Google’s John Mueller that’s why emphasized the fact that page speed is definitely linked.
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What To Expect From Google Core Algo Updates of June-July

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